Secured Services, LLC
P.O. Box 99291
Louisville, KY 40269

Recruiting Department
Phone: 502.457.1109
Fax: 502.242.2065
Payroll Department
Phone: 502.641.6850
Fax: 502.219.3326

Corporate Office
Phone: 502.480.8007
Fax: 502.219.3326


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Secured Services is committed to providing quality service to our clients. We believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. While others seek to profit by cutting corners, or recommending unnecessary services to customers, we believe that a good reputation and consistent service will prove to our clients that Secured Services will be the only company they will ever need. 

  • Price matching assistance
  • 24 hour customer service
  • Certified workmanship 

You can put your trust in Secured Services.
We provide personal service and exceptional quality.
All of our services are guaranteed.
Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our loyal customers
won't go anywhere else. 

For more information or a free, no obligation quote, send us a request on our Contact Us page,
or call (502) 480-8007 

We look forward to personally serving you! 

Secured Services  

The name you can trust!